Video Presentation: FLS for Safe Navigation

  • Posted on: 23 December 2013
  • By: Matthew Zimmerman

After a busy trade show season, we finally have the time to process what we've seen and learned over the past few months. One thing that is clear: unlike when we started over 11 years ago, we rarely get asked "What is forward looking sonar?". The marine industry now seems to accept forward looking sonar as an important part of the navigation systems on board modern vessels. One question we are now asked is "How is your sonar different than [fill in the blank]?". We believe that our products are the only products which generate a complete, easy to use navigation picture ahead of the vessel at navigationally significant ranges. Rather than trying to compare our apple to every other orange, we feel it's better to educate customers about the features, metrics and characteristics that we think they should be evaluating when considering a 3D FLS. For this blog posting, FarSounder's CEO has put together a short video explaining how forward looking sonar can be used for safe navigation. This presentation is based on the well-received presentation she gave at Mari-Tech 2013 in Halifax, Canada.