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3D Forward Looking Sonar to get ships to the locations your customers demand.


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Big Adventures Ahead

3D Forward Looking Sonar is now available to many types of vessels

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3D Forward Looking Sonar will keep you safe when exploring those out-of-the-way places.

Our Products

Advanced Underwater Solutions

Patented 3D sonar technology that reliably detects in-water obstacles and shallows  

Intutive 3D Display

3-dimensional image ahead of a vessel at navigationally significant ranges.

Sonar Over Charts

We paint a clear picture by displaying forward looking sonar data on top of a nautical chart.

Fixed Installation

Our installation design is suitable for vessels with or without a bulb on both refit and new-builds

Fixed Update Rate

Phased array technology enables FarSounder's sonars to generate the entire 3D image with a single ping.

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Discover the technology behind navigating challenging and uncharted waters



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Vessels and Applications

FarSounder's products can be used in a variety of applications for obstacle avoidance and shallow water navigation. FarSounder Products are designed to fit many types of vessels including yachts, cruise ships, research survey vessels, defense and government vessels, and fisheries and small commercial vessels.

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I believe in the product and the huge safety advantages it brings to navigation in areas known and unknown.

Captain Anthony Hodgson

As a former officer in the Royal Navy, a ship’s safety has always been of the utmost importance. Over my years in the industry, I have learned the best way to achieve the highest level of safety is by adding a FarSounder sonar to the navigation suite.

Ms. Sally Dale

The system clearly showed a shoreline, which was incorrectly shown on the chart, and helped avoid a grounding. It also showed growlers and bergy bits when traveling up the fjords. I will not travel to areas of ice again without the FarSounder systems.

Captain Walter Wetmore

We are finding it useful especially when you are going into a poorly charted anchorage and the safest way out of a tricky anchorage is always to follow the same track out that you came in on. Local History Mapping helps a great deal with that.

Captain Dag Saevik, The World

I am very impressed! We have been using it in Cuba, Mexico and Belize and it has been very useful. We have anchored today on the edge of a reef wall. It has been extremely useful in helping us to find a suitable place in which to anchor and I am really pleased we fitted it.

Captain of a 97 meter yacht

Simple to set-up, accurate on the display and effective at helping to navigate in poorly charted areas.

Steve Monk – DG Maritime

The FarSounder unit works well and has been extremely useful. We operate on the Volga River with maximum depths of 25' we can see the Buoys on the sounder screen as well as the shallows, and I now have the sounder set on my main screen.

Captain Chris Evans
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