Posted on: 10 September 2015   By matthew.zimmerman

one ping, one update
Without True Target Motion, the location of targets is updated once every ping. The different color outlines represent data from separate pings.
one ping, multiple updates
With True Target Motion, target locations are updated continually based on vessel motion independent from the ping update rate. The different color outlines still represent data from separate pings.

Improving the situational awareness of obstacles below the sea surface is the reason we developed our 3D forward looking sonars. True Target Motion™ is our latest innovation for improving upon that awareness. This new software feature combines inputs from the ship’s heading and GPS sensors with our navigation sonar data to animate the movement of detected sonar targets relative to the vessel between each ping. Without True Target Motion™ the position of each sonar target can only be updated once every ping. Now, target positions are updated as the vessel moves between pings.

Continually Improving Situational Awareness

FarSounder’s True Target Motion™ capabilities are available in the current version of the SonaSoft software. To existing users, upgrading is free and easy. In addition to all of the other improved processing and display improvements you'll see by updating, True Target Motion™ will enhance the real-time nature of both your 3D bathymetric display and your navigational chart overlay. To new customers, this feature should simply be a very natural extension of the already intuitive way your FarSounder sonar improves your underwater navigational awareness.

Installation Requirements

To enable this option, heading, rate of turn, speed over ground, course over ground, and lat/lon must be provided to the FarSounder software via standard NMEA 0183 messages. Rate of turn must be provided at 10 Hz or faster while other messages must be provided at 1 Hz or faster.

The software also requires a FarSounder bridge computer with suitable processing capabilities. Our recommended computer specifications can be found here.

To receive the latest software, simply send us a request here.