Posted on: 11 November 2015   By matthew.zimmerman
SAM's multipilot solution now includes FarSounder sonar
SAM's Universal Solution now includes FarSounder navigation sonars.
NACOS block diagram
Block diagram showing how FarSounder systems connect to an example NACOS network.
Multipilot display with 3D sonar
MULTIPILOT station showing FarSounder's 3D sonar data.
Multipilot display with 3D sonar and chart
MULTIPILOT station showing FarSounder sonar and ECDIS.

We recently announced the integration of our navigation sonars into the newest Wärtsilä SAM Electronics NACOS Platinum Integrated Bridge System. Now that the first of these integrated systems has been installed for a customer, we’d like to share some more details about how we fit into their system.

The NACOS Platinum integration takes advantage of our Software Developer Kit as well as some customized FarSounder software. It benefits from a straightforward, yet flexible, integration design that we share with our other integration partners. Some benefits of this design include:

  • Standard ethernet connections are used as the interface between the FarSounder Navigation System and the MULTIPILOT stations.

  • Any of the MULTIPILOT multifunction stations on the bridge can be configured to interface with our navigation sonars including a 3D sonar display and day-to-day operator controls.

  • The FarSounder sonar is installed normally, with the full FarSounder software running on a bridge computer. This means the FarSounder software can be used in parallel to the MULTIPILOT integration, if desired.

Many of our existing customers have SAM bridges and we’re excited that we’ll now be able to integrate directly into the Wärtsilä SAM Electronics ecosystem. Contact to find out how to add FarSounder integrated Wärtsilä SAM Electronics systems to your bridge or how to integrate existing side by side systems. Visitors to the METS 2015 SuperYacht Pavilion will be able to see a demonstration of this integration at our booth.