The FarSounder system consists of separate components that work together to collect, process, and display 3D sonar information. They are suitable for a wide variety of vessels.

System Components

  • Transducer Module - rugged stainless steel with underwater wet-mateable connector
  • Power Module - bulkhead mounted
  • Waterproof connection cable
  • SonaSoft™ user interface software
  • Bridge processing computer 

System Details

  • The Transducer Module is a highly specialized underwater acoustic sensor package designed to image the underwater environment even while underway. Using acoustic energy generated by the Power Module, the Transducer Module digitizes the acoustic information detected by its phased array and sends the information over Ethernet to the Processing Computer where our proprietary algorithms generate images to be displayed to the operator.  In most cases, customers choose to purchase a preconfigured computer from FarSounder. See the minimum specifications for the processing computer.  here.
  • Transducer Modules can be incorporated into a number of different hull shapes from v-bottom to bulbous bows and even hoist options are available. Whether your project has a bulbous bow, a narrow stem, is a sailing yacht or an ice breaker, there are installation methods appropriate for your project. Learn about installation types and resources here link to installation types and resources.
  • Here are some reference materials.
    • Drawing Pkg 350
    • Drawing Pkg 500
    • Drawing Pkg 1000
    • Installation design guide