The FarSounder team is available to answer questions, go over application requirements, and discuss installation plans. We work with you and your team to ensure a smooth installation by providing a complimentary installation design review services on all projects. We have developed a global network of certified technicians to assist whenever or wherever you may be during or after installation. Our in-house service team is also available to assist via remote assistance session.




Whether it is a new build or refit project, including a FarSounder forward looking sonar in your ship’s navigation system is a simple, straightforward process. Our systems are purchased through our world-wide network of certified dealers, and we work closely with these dealers to ensure a smooth installation.


Both our sales and engineering teams are always happy to answer questions, discuss your application requirements, or review your drawings. Our products have been installed on composite, aluminum, and steel hull vessels from 18 to 200+ meters in length.


We would be happy to discuss your specific project's needs and make a recommendation. We look forward to hearing from you.