Coinciding with the release of SonaSoft 3.0, Jeppesen and FarSounder announced a new joint promotion. The new software displays FarSounder’s 3-dimensional forward-looking sonar images as an overlay on top of Jeppesen’s C-Map Professional+ charts. The companies will offer FarSounder customers a complimentary three month trial of the latest Jeppesen charts for key regions of the customers' travel areas. This promotion will run through March 1, 2016.

"We are once again excited to be partnering with FarSounder to offer our customers the best in both sonar navigation technology and digital chart data,” said Paul Elgar, OEM Strategic Business Manager for Jeppesen Commercial Marine.

FarSounder is the recognized leader in realtime 3D sonar systems. They have been selling their flagship navigation and obstacle avoidance systems since 2004. The chart overlay is produced by correlating the sonar's data to a geo-spatial position and displaying information from the sonar data on top of Jeppesen's digital charts.

"Over the years, our partnership with Jeppesen has been a great benefit for our customers. We are excited to continue innovating the operational display of our navigation sonar products with one of the leading global providers of digital vector chart data," stated Matthew Zimmerman, FarSounder Vice President of Engineering. "Chart overlay of the seafloor and in-water targets detected by our sonars aids operator comprehension and enables users to more quickly see where potential navigation obstacles are located."

About FarSounder

FarSounder, Inc. is a U.S based marine electronics innovator dedicated to keeping vessels safe. Formed in 2001, with the belief that one should know what lurks beneath the water’s surface before one gets there, FarSounder now offers real-time navigation and diver detection sonars.

FarSounder’s navigation products offer forward-looking sonar capabilities out to ½ nautical mile (1000 meters) range. FarSounder’s Ship Protection systems offer navigation capabilities while underway and 360 degree diver detection while on anchor. Wherever a vessel travels, FarSounder will help get it there safely.

About Jeppesen

Jeppesen is a market-leading provider of vessel operations services and digital navigation solutions, based on worldwide vector chart data type approved to ISO19879, meteorological information and transmission technologies. Jeppesen offers a wide range of navigation and operations products and services to both recreational and commercial marine markets. Safety-conscious boaters and operators of vessels ranging from coastal to SOLAS class, rely on Jeppesen for innovative navigation solutions that improve safety and efficiency. Jeppesen is a subsidiary of The Boeing Company.