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Security below the waterline gets a boost from FarSounder. The Rhode Island company, known for its forward-looking sonar, has developed a swimmer detection system for large yachts. The system uses five or more transducer modules located in strategic positions around the yacht so the beams slightly overlap. 

The system can detect a swimmer up to 500 meters from the yacht, depending on water conditions. With the company’s proprietary software, a user can get a complete view around the yacht or refine the view down to one transducer. If there is a threat, FarSounder suggests that the easiest method is simply to leave the area. However, if the yacht has a tender outfitted with a transducer, it can be sent to the area to refine the search with its transducer output viewable from on board the tender and the yacht.

The beauty of the system is that it is permanently installed and is available at any time. It can operate unattended so if a swimmer is detected, the system sets off an alarm for the yacht’s security to handle. The system is only able to track the swimmer’s path; it’s not a predictive system. It’s environmentally friendly, easy to use and adds another weapon to the security of any large yacht.