FarSounder, Inc., a provider of 3D Forward Looking Marine Sonar Systems, signed a contract with New World Ship Management to supply navigation and obstacle avoidance sonar systems on the 340 ft., 128-passenger Clipper Odyssey and the 330 ft., 122-passenger Clipper Adventure.
"We are excited about the opportunity that this project brings to FarSounder," said Cheryl M. Zimmerman, CEO. "With Clipper Cruise Line's voyages to remote parts of the world, this gives us the opportunity to operate our systems in all sorts of marine conditions and environments while helping the vessels navigate through these harsh environments.
It also gives our company broad exposure in numerous locales."
"The Clipper Adventurer is an oceangoing vessel equipped with an ice-strengthened hull for cruising in remote environments such as Antarctica," said Captain Gary E Welsh, VP Marine Operations of New World. "The FarSounder sonar will enable the crew to offer our passengers a closer approach, especially in poorly charted areas."
Used for obstacle avoidance and shallow water navigation, FarSounder FS-3 sonars are capable of generating a complete 3-D image of the sea floor and inwater objects at navigationally significant ranges with a single ping. The small, lightweight sonar can be installed on new-builds or retrofitted into existing vessels.
This new sonar technology revolutionizes marine navigation, especially in shallow areas. These systems overcome the traditional shallow water sonar limitations including multi-path and visualization of a clear, easy to understand 3D sonar image. The standard user interface software includes automated alarms, BSB chart plotting capabilities, and GPS, compass, and depth sounder display capabilities. Versions of the sonars can also be used on submarines, remotely operated vehicles (ROV) or autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV). The technology is also appropriate for security and defense applications.