A Washington based security consulting firm, which has advised US Congress and fitted US airports with high level security, has joined the FarSounder dealership team. 

New Age Security Solutions (NASS), established shortly after 9/11 to meet the new needs of global security, has entered into the field of underwater security recently and will be progressing this work under the FarSounder partnership. 

FarSounder, on its side, will be able to develop its ship protection and intruder detection systems with NASS’ expertise, as well as expand its shore based services for yacht owners. 

“We see that applications for NASS will result in direct advancements and applications for our current yacht clients. This could be for not only their superyacht projects, but also for protection of the yacht owners' personal shoreline properties and other business interests and projects,” said Cheryl M. Zimmerman Chief Executive Officer of FarSounder. 

NASS will focus on FarSounder's security and navigation and obstacle avoidance products as well as special projects for application on seaports and other critical infrastructures. 

"We looked into FarSounder's solutions and were highly impressed," said Rafi Ron, CEO of NASS. "We decided to team up in an effort to help bring FarSounder's advanced security technology to new global markets and applications."

FarSounder is the leader in real time 3D sonar systems and developer of state of the art navigation and obstacle avoidance systems. Its FarSounder FS-SPS Ship Protection System provides detection, classification and alarms of underwater threats for yacht owners.