Charlotte Thomas
In the last decade, 3D forward-scanning technology has emerged that could change yacht navigation…

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Excerpt from the article:

Not all ‘3D’ systems, however, are created equal, as I discover when I talk to FarSounder – kings of the superyacht sphere when it comes to 3D sonar. “Most of the other systems are really 1D or 2D systems trying to develop 2D or 3D images,” says Cheryl M. Zimmerman, CEO of FarSounder. “It’s like comparing apples to oranges. We’ve been a company since 2001 and our people were working [on 3D sonar] before we were a company. My engineers are always working hard to stay ahead, and no one has really come out with the capabilities we have at this point.”

FarSounder brought out its first 3D sonar product lines around 2005. “At that point, we were seeing out to about 330m in front of the vessel, but it was still [true] 3D. Over the years we have expanded the technology with new features and advances both in the hardware and the software, and currently we can look ahead 1,000m – over half a nautical mile – in 3D mode for our navigation product line.”

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