diver tracks

Clear Threat Tracking

FarSounder security products see underwater threats regardless of the water's clarity. Attached to the hull, there is nothing to deploy. When a threat is detected, no time is wasted retrieving the system; allowing you to focus on your next move.


Easy Human Verification

Sophisticated algorithms automatically detect, track and classify possible underwater threats. We've also built in easy to use analysis tools to allow quick human verification of the automated alerts. See more examples of the user interface in our Screen Shots Gallery.

fixed installation

Fixed Installation

When a threat is detected, no time is wasted retrieving the system; allowing you to focus on your next move. No moving parts means easy integration into the hull without complicated maintenance headaches. Plus without a hydraulic hoist, you won't need to give up valuable space inside the vessel.

Our installation design is suitable for vessels with or without a bulb on both refit and new-builds. See more examples in our Installation Gallery.


Forward Looking Navigation Included

When underway, the bow sensor switches to navigation mode. The Ship Protection System's 3D forward looking sonar capabilities match the Argos 1000.

Only FarSounder's Ship Protection Systems offer security at anchor and underway with a single integrated system.

The FarSounder Advantage

Some of the advantages of FarSounder's Ship Protection System over traditional hydraulically deployed systems include:

  • No moving parts: no mechanical moving parts to maintain
  • Nothing protruding below the hull: can be deployed in very shallow water
  • No internal space usage: such as would be with a hydraulic hoist deployed system
  • Instantaneous operation: no time required to lower or raise a system
  • Vessel can get underway immediately once a threat is identified: a hydraulic hoist will have very limited speed capability
  • Same ease of maintenance as the FarSounder navigation systems: transducer can easily be removed by a diver for cleaning or maintenance
  • Includes an added benefit: includes a 3D FLS navigation sonar while underway