Technical Specifications

forward looking sonar system equipment

System Components

FarSounder's forward looking navigation sonars include:

  • Rugged stainless steel Transducer Module with underwater wet matable connector
  • Bulkhead mounted Power Module
  • Waterproof connection cable
  • SonaSoft user interface software
  • Marinized bridge computer (optional)

Transducer Elements

Each Transducer Module has an array of receivers with a separate transmitter. These arrays are encapsulated in a rugged urethane designed to provide years of protection to the transducer elements. Should the unit ever need to be serviced, it has an underwater mateable connector allowing removal and reinstallation by diver.

Feature Comparison

FarSounder-500 FarSounder-1000
Range/Field of View

Field of View

100m, 200m, 500m x 90°

Field of View

100m, 200m, 500m x 90°
1000m x 60°

Operational Speed up to 20 knots up to 25 knots
Transducer Module Transducer Module for FarSounder-500

Transducer Module for FarSounder-1000

Transducer Module Weight 36 kg (85 lbs) 38 kg (90 lbs)
Chart Overlay C-MAP
Local History Mapping check mark
3D Forward Looking Display check mark
Bottom Mapping Ration 8x Water Depth
Maximum Depth Detection 50 m(165 ft)
Power Requirements 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz @ ~120 W
Operating Frequency 61 kHz
Maximum Output Power <1500 Wrms
SDK Available check mark
Angular Accuracy ~1.6°

Roll/Pich Stabilization

check mark +/-20°

In-Water Target Multi-Ping Stabilization

check mark

User Definable Automated Alarms

check mark

Display of Ship's Navigation Information

Heading, Course Over Ground, Lat/Lon, Speed, Echo Sounder Depth, Rate of Turn
Operating System Windows 7 (Complete Computer Requirements)
Integration into 3rd Party ECDIS/ECS Wärtsilä SAM ElectronicsTransas, Sperry-Marine
Software Developers Kit Available check mark (SDK Details)