Forward Looking Navigation Sonars


Max Range: up to 1/4 nautical mile
Vessel Speed: up to 20 knots


Max Range: up to 1/2 nautical mile
Vessel Speed: up to 25 knots

Install a FarSounder forward looking sonar because your Radar can't see through water, your charts don't know what has changed, and your depth sounder looks down - not forward.

Collisions and groundings cost vessel owners billions of dollars of damage annually. Vessel Captains and navigators are often confronted with hazards, such as:

  • Navigation in unfamiliar or poorly charted waters
  • Coral reefs in tropical waters
  • Coastal ledges at sea or inland lakes and waterways
  • Submerged shipping containers or other submerged navigation hazards
  • Whales and other marine mammals

Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) offers an additional benefit to safe navigation. With a wide field of view, up to 25 knots operational speed, 3D image, complete update on a single ping and operates at full range even in shallow water, FarSounder's FLS provide realtime navigation information ahead of the vessel at significant ranges.

Delivering the three critical readings required for obstacle avoidance: range, bearing, and depth, FarSounder continues to challenge the boundaries of sonar technology to provide vessel operators with a practical addition to navigation safety.