FarSounder Releases Major Software Upgrade

Warwick, RI –  April 12, 2010

FarSounder is pleased to announce the release of SonaSoft™ 2.1, a major software upgrade for the FS-3DT Forward Looking Sonar.   

The Company's engineers have been busy working on system improvements, gathering user feedback, and adding features to the product line. In addition to major enhancements such as a Vessel Speed Upgrade, offering 20 knot capability, and Improved Automatic Bottom Detection, with significantly enhanced sea floor visualization, the Graphic User Interface has also received extensive attention.

Some of the areas where users will appreciate the GUI changes include Streamlined Display Windows, Improved Processor Controls and Profiles Locations and Increased Font and Button Sizes.

While some of the changes have been due to constant ongoing efforts, many of the operational ones are the result of information received from system users, as FarSounder's engineers are always keen to receive any data from the field.

SonaSoft™ 2.1 is a no charge upgrade for existing customers and is included in all new deliveries. A copy of this latest software demo may be downloaded from here.