FarSounder Awarded Navy SBIR for Safe High Speed Boat Operation

Warwick, RI –  April 7, 2010

FarSounder is pleased to announce the award of an SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) for Forward Bathymetry Sensing for Safe High Speed Boat Operation.

This Phase I SBIR was awarded by the US Department of Defense in order to improve the safety and efficiency of naval high speed small boat operations. FarSounder proposed a 3-dimensional, forward looking sonar solution capable of simultaneous bathymetry sensing and obstacle detection out to significant ranges. The system will be capable of very high speed operation and suitable for installation on high speed 11-meter RHIBs. Additionally, the system will be designed to include a simple to use and understand human interface.

According to Cheryl M. Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer, “The US Navy will benefit significantly from the development of this new high speed sensor system as it will allow manned high-speed small boats to operate at the intended speeds for which the vessels were designed, while offering safe passage by avoiding obstacles and groundings.”

The results of this project will provide other government agencies such as police, fire, port security and emergency departments with high speed craft, increased situational awareness for their missions. It will also allow safer transiting through open waterways for post disaster operations in debris filled waters and safer and shorter routes for high speed, jet powered short sea and transatlantic shipping vessels.   

“We expect to see future benefits to our commercial interests”, continues Zimmerman, “as this would allow for safer navigation for high speed crew boats and ferries, which must balance passenger safety with speed as well as environmental impact, and also for high speed mega and super yachts with planing hulls.”