SonaSoft™ 2.3 Launched

On Monday, February 14, 2011 FarSounder is releasing SonaSoft™ version 2.3; a powerful upgrade to the software which powers all FS-3 series sonars. This upgrade includes significant processing, user interface, and display improvements. Major upgrade features include:

• Improved In-Water Target Detection
• Automatic Bottom Detection
• Improved Shallow Water/Short Range Performance
• Support for C-Map Vector Charts

FarSounder's development team is continuously looking at how they can improve system performance. "Our R&D team has been striving to enhance our in-water target detection capabilities", stated Matthew Zimmerman, VP of Engineering. "Not only is the algorithm better, but users are now offered an option for automatic in-water target squelch selection, and in most cases, the automatic setting performs even better than the manual squelch settings", continued Zimmerman.

Originally, FarSounder's products concentrated on long range performance. Now, with more and more customers also looking to use their sonars at short ranges, when navigating in shallow waters, the system introduces a new set of transmit signals optimized for such conditions. The software will automatically switch to the appropriate transmit signal when setting the sonar's Range Mode in the Processor Settings.

FarSounder has also upgraded its chart plotting capabilities and now offers support for C-Map vector charts by Jeppesen-Marine. This improved chart plotting capability removes the need for users to manually select and load charts for their specific location. C-Map charts can be purchased separately from an authorized Jeppesen-Marine dealer. This new chart plotter capability replaces the former BSB raster chart plotter capability, though customers interested in keeping the former capability instead of upgrading can contact FarSounder for support.