Ship Protection System Sold to Alphatron Marine BV


FarSounder is pleased to announce the sale of their Ship ProtectionSystem (SPS) to Alphatron Marine, of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The system will be installed on a luxury super-yacht being custom-built at a Dutch shipyard.

The system is designed to provide underwater threat protection while at anchor or at the dock as well as forward looking, obstacle avoidance sonar capabilities while underway. FarSounder's SPS can automatically detect, track, and classify underwater threats such as divers, mini-subs, and diver delivery vehicles. A long range, 360ºcoverage zone around the vessel is achieved with multiple solid state sensors strategically embedded into the hull. The unique use of fixed sensor installation allows the vessel to detect threats from any direction while offering a Zero Time to Deploy, Zero Time to Secure™ capability. It is no longer required to deploy a system with an unsightly crane or to build a large diameter sea chest to hold acomplicated hoist system. This means that if a threat is seen approaching, the vessel has time to react. Defensive maneuvers may be as simple as hoisting the anchor to leave.

When underway the system can also be used in a navigation mode. Inthis mode, system capabilities parallel that of the FS-3ER withdetection range out to ½ nautical mile. FarSounder's proven 3D forward-looking sonar systems provide the ultimate in obstacleavoidance capabilities. The system, to be used at both popular andremote locations around the world, will add an additional level ofprotection to the yacht owner's family, friends, and crew, as well asthe yacht itself and assets on board.

FarSounder's technology has been optimized for challenging, shallowwater environments. Their algorithms can differentiate between divers,marine mammals and other benign objects with minimal false alarms. The software display offers electronic chart overlays and includes automated alarms.
FarSounder's technical team, under the direction of Matthew Zimmerman,VP of Engineering, is leading the integration and customization for this yacht customer. Alphatron's team includes Nathalie Ottenheijm, Division Manager Yachting, and Ger Kreuze, Senior Project Manager, who will be leading the engineering process on Alphatron's side as well as installation, testing and commissioning.

“We are proud of our history of developing advanced, yet easy to use and understand, products such as our navigation systems,” Mr.Zimmerman stated. “FarSounder has taken this same approach with our SPS security systems. We've developed this product to be suitable for yachts, passenger vessels, commercial vessels and navy ships looking for an affordable, maintainable, and easy to understand underwater threat detection solution.”