FarSounder Launches Major Software Update for Navigation Sonars: SonaSoft 3.0

The release of SonaSoft 3.0 represents a major upgrade to the state of the art in real-time forward-looking sonar capabilities. New in SonaSoft 3.0, FarSounder has dramatically improved its 3D sonar display. These improvements include:

  • Target persistence via new image stabilization techniques,
  • Updated color mapping fusing depth and signal level information,
  • Significantly improved Auto Squelch mode,
  • Expanded chart overlay including full 3D image,
  • One to one scaling of 3D images.

“I’m proud that FarSounder’s development team has once again redefined the performance standard for 3D sonars,” says Matthew Zimmerman, FarSounder’s Vice President of Engineering. “With the launch of SonaSoft 3.0, we continue our commitment to making it even easier for vessel operators to understand what is underwater, ahead of their vessels.” Videos and screenshots of the new software are available on the company’s website.

The software update is compatible with FarSounder’s existing products and is available to all current and new navigation sonar customers. An on-water demonstration of the new software will take place on April 16th in Newport, Rhode Island (USA). Details and registration can be found on FarSounder’s website: http://www.farsounder.com/products/demos

About FarSounder

Founded in 2001 to set new standards for vessel navigation and safety, FarSounder now makes the devices mariners have dreamed about for centuries. Through the use of advanced signal processing techniques and proven phased array sonar technology, FarSounder developed a 3-dimensional forward-looking sonar system designed specifically for surface-ship navigation.

It was not long, however, before the versatility of FarSounder’s acoustic sensor soon proved useful for a number of other applications as well. Since the heart of FarSounder’s technology is software based, it has been possible to redeploy the base sensor technology for a variety of applications by changing the software algorithms used in the system. Some of the most recent applications include: underwater security monitoring and navigation for unmanned vehicles.

Today, from its home waters in Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay, FarSounder’s technology team utilizes the bay’s unique and varying characteristics to hone their data processing techniques to continue raising the bar for navigation and safety.