Commercial vessels are able to identify safe areas to sail

Identify shallows and objects projecting from the ocean floor

Our 3D FLS Technology helps these types of vessels navigate and avoid dangers. This technology helps vessels identify shallows and a variety of objects projecting from the ocean floor, saving industry time and money. They will also assist in localizing fishing habitats, such as rock piles, weedbeds, standing timber, and drop-offs, as well as finding good anchorages.

Capture a clear understanding of what is ahead

There are a variety of jobs that small commercial vessels embark on, no matter the job, the Argos series assists in keeping the vessels safe as they do their job. The 3D forward-looking sonar technology provides knowledge of what is in the water column and along the bottom, down to 50m, in real-time for a clear understanding of what is ahead.

Service and support around the world

FarSounder has worked closely with shipyards around the globe to equip refits and new builds with our innovative sonar systems. With certified FarSounder Dealers located around the world, service and support are not far away. FarSounder’s sales and engineering teams are also available to answer your questions, discuss your application requirements, or review drawings.