Our Argos series of navigation sonars are used to detect shallows and obstacles in the water column. There is a broad range of vessel types that find these sonars invaluable. With a user interface showing real-time 3D imagery in up to a 120-degree field of view out to navigationally significant ranges, the benefits are abundant. To learn about the benefits based on your vessel type visit our application pages.




We have the perfect product for your yacht, whether an 18m sport fishing vessel or a global expedition superyacht. With three transducer sizes offered, there is a sonar system well-suited for your yacht type, length and hull shape.


Cruise Ships

The Argos series offer an exceptional degree of safety for passenger vessels such cruise ships. Exploration vessels in particular operating in remote areas of the world are especially vulnerable to ice and shallow shoals. Our system warns captain and crew before a dangerous situation occurs.

research survey

Research and Survey Vessels

Argos navigational sonars’ highly-innovative technology assists in the prevention of collisions and groundings as research vessels explore parts unknown to the furthest and deepest areas of the world’s oceans. In addition, our technology and data can supplement the more traditional on-board science mission’s sensors for an added layer of information.


Defense and Government Vessels

Real-time data provided by the Argos series of sonars allows vessels to see what lies ahead under the water as ships navigate the seas. This technology gives personnel an elevated level of awareness as they travel in unknown waters.


Fisheries and Small Commercial Vessels

Vessels working in our waterways and off-shore waters will find themselves amongst debris and in dangerous shallows. With our Argos forward looking sonars, they are able to identify dangers and assist in localizing fishing habitats and finding good anchorages.