Detailed Description

SonaSoft 3.5

FarSounder is pleased to announce the release of SonaSoft™ version 3.8, a major upgrade to the software which powers the FarSounder-500, FarSounder-1000, and FS-3DT sonars. This upgrade includes significant processing, user interface, and display improvements. Here's some of what's new: 

  • Red Alarms: Some of our customers reported that alarms are typically red in color, and we agreed with them. So, we replaced the flashing blue alarm that appeared while operating in the day theme with a flashing red alarm that matches what appears while operating in the dusk, night, and red themes.
  • Responsive Data Exporting: There was a bug in SonaSoft that would sometimes cause the application to become unresponsive after exporting data. We squashed that bug, and additionally made it so that you can continue to use SonaSoft during data export.
  • ERBL Display: The display for the Chart Viewer's ERBL line was updated to show the latitude and longitude of the cursor as well as range and bearing.
  • Internal Upgrades: The latest update contains a great deal of behind-the-scenes updates, infrastructure updates, and performance improvements including better drawing of your Local History Mapping data and easier access to the S-57/63 chart data importing tool. We hope you enjoy!

We recommend that all users take advantage of this upgrade opportunity to significantly enhance their FarSounder experience.

Products Affected

  • Current: FarSounder-500 and FarSounder-1000 sonars
  • Legacy: FS-3DT sonars

Computer Requirements

The new features are computationally intensive and stringent computer specifications are required in order to maintain a fast update rate. The recommended computer specifications for our FarSounder-500 and FarSounder-1000 sonars are posted on our web site. Running this software update on lesser powered computers may result in slow update rates.

Legacy FS-3DT sonars are less powerful and the update may be able to run on your existing computer. Please contact FarSounder at for details.

NMEA Requirements

Additionally, in order to take full advantage of this update the following vessel navigation sensors inputs are required via NMEA:

  • True Heading @ 1Hz minimum (gyro or gps compass)
  • Rate of Turn @ 10Hz minimum (gyro or gps compass)
  • Speed Over Ground @ 1Hz minimum (gps)
  • Position @ 1Hz minimum (gps)
  • Course @ 1Hz minimum (gps)
  • Depth Below Vessel @ 1Hz minimum (echosounder)

How to Receive Service

The cost of the standard upgrade is complimentary. If you only need the software update, please fill out our software update request form.

If you would like to purchase a C-Map dongle and register for a complimentary 3 month chart data trial license, please contact us directly at for details.