Often times, HO survey operations prioritize heavily trafficked areas, meaning that many area’s charts are left outdated. However, mariners still explore these areas, often with a variety of sensors for their own safety of navigation, including standard SBES and/or 3D-FLS. Bathymetric data collected by these everyday mariners using these variety of sensors, if provided to the DCDB, will help HO’s inform their chart production and survey operations in order to keep their trips safer. FarSounder is committed to this IHO initiative and will continue to work closely with NOAA as a “trusted node”. FarSounder’s LHMTM software feature introduces the potential for bathymetric data to be collected and shared with the IHO DCDB and the public in the future. With the help of FarSounder’s 3D-FLS and the SonaSoft software with the LHMTM feature, efficient navigation and exploration is far more achievable. Data contributed to the DCDB will be automatically archived and made freely available through the IHO DCDB Data Viewer for commercial, scientific, or personal use.