3D FLS for the tropics

FarSounder's 3D forward looking sonars are the perfect tool to help you navigate your tropical destination safely. Our navigation systems make it easy to locate reefs, rocks, and other navigation hazards out to 1000 meters ahead of your vessel. Install a FarSounder sonar for peace of mind knowing that you will reach the most exclusive locals in the world safely.

We spend considerable time in the far Eastern part of Indonesia where the sonar is invaluable for getting in and out of some tight anchorages. I use it a great deal and the owner is most impressed. There are 13,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago and countless reef systems so the sonar is a great tool for safe pilotage.

Many thanks to you and your team for all the assistance provided, I am a very happy customer.

Captain Duncan Warner, 86' Nordhavn, 2015