FarSounder's Ship Protection Systems are capable of automatically detecting, tracking, and classifying diver threats at tactically significant ranges in real-world environments. The maximum detection range stronlgy depends on the environmental conditions where the system is being used including: water depth, underwater bathymetry, and sound speed profile. These parameters can all vary with geographic location and tidal cycles. FarSounder engineers have developed a sophisticated Sonar Performance Prediction tool to model the propagation effects impacted by these environmental parameters. This tool is used to model the performance of our sonars and is validated with in-water tests using both open circuit scuba divers and closed circuit rebreather divers.

Unlike other companies who like to talk about their product's performance in optimal propagation conditions, FarSounder engineers have designed our underwater threat detection capabilities for effective performance even in less than optimal conditions. Our exact perfomance metrics and capabilities are not shared on our web site, since such information is valuable for designing countermeasures and may require export licenses. Please contact us directly to discuss these metrics further.