A Sneak Preview of Our Upcoming Major Software Update

  • Posted on: 11 April 2014
  • By: Matthew Zimmerman

All winter we’ve been busy working on the next generation of our navigation sonar capabilities. Image quality and user experience have been our primary focus and this fall we’re launching a major software update for our 3D forward looking sonar products. Though you’ll need to wait for SMM and the Monaco Yacht Show for the official launch to learn about all the new features, we gave a sneak peek of some of them at our recent customer demos and technical training class. A few of these improvements include:

  • Improved Sea Floor Imaging

  • Ping-to-Ping Sea Floor Stabilization

  • Sea Floor Chart Overlay

Passing The Dumplings

Across the bay from Newport, RI is the rocky coast of Jamestown. Here we find a series of small rocky islands and shoals called “The Dumplings”. The following video was made with the new software running a FarSounder-1000 sonar. Notice how with color set to depth, the shallow shoals to the port side are clearly imaged in yellows and orange. In the second half of the video, note that the sonar sees a clear ledge colored blue (for deep) to starboard that is not marked on the chart. The sonar was set to 200 meters maximum range to emphasize its shallow water bottom mapping capabilities. All processing settings were set to automatic. The video is running at 3x actual speed.

Running Towards Castle Hill

In this next video, we’re running along the south western coast of Newport. In this area, the bay gets very deep, very quickly. The video shows the sonar’s 3D capabilities, again with color mapped to depth. The water is deep on the starboard side of the vessel and rises up quickly to shore on the port side. The sonar’s bottom mapping range is dictated by its water depth capability as clearly illustrated in this example. Again, the video is running at 3x actual speed.

Returning to Newport Harbor

Heading to the dock at Newport Shipyard where we picked up and dropped off our guests for the demo, we’ve set the sonar to 500 meters range (¼ nautical mile) with a 90° field-of-view. The sonar processor is set to autosquelch and the system is picking up lots of docks. The sonar is detecting reflections off of the docks’ pilings and floats. Near the end of the video, the system is even imaging a series of floating docks that are not marked on the chart. Once again, the video is running at 3x actual speed.

Looking to the Future

We’ll be releasing the upgrade and the software will be available at no cost to all of our existing FarSounder-500 and FarSounder-1000 customers. All new systems will, of course, have the upgraded software installed by default. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the new release is ready.