research survey


Innovative technology to help safely navigate uncharted waters

Navigate with confidence

Vessels specifically designed to uncover what lies beneath the world’s oceans and waterways are vulnerable to danger. They are often traveling into unknown territory. Our innovative 3D FLS technology gives these ships the knowledge of what is ahead under the surface including along the ocean floor down to 50m in real-time. This system will allow these vessels to navigate with confidence as they set out to reach their goals.

Avoid obstacles in challenging waters

The very nature of these vessel’s ventures is to travel to some of the most remote aquatic regions of the world. The Argos sonars will prove invaluable in navigating and avoiding obstacles in these challenging waters. As many research and survey vessels travel to polar regions, the Argos systems are a perfect solution to protect from unseen ice matter and shifting bottoms that often lie under the water’s surface in these areas. In addition, the innovative technology’s role in supporting research and survey operations helps to increase the sustainability of the oceans through the prevention of damage to ocean life and the vessel.

Support in shipyards around the globe

FarSounder has worked closely with shipyards around the globe to equip refits and new builds with our innovative sonar systems. With certified FarSounder Dealers located around the world, chances are technicians are not far away. FarSounder’s sales and engineering teams are available to answer your questions, discuss your application requirements, or review drawings as well.