Helping make missions to unknown and uncharted waters safe

Reliably detect underwater obstacles in real-time

Argos sonar systems reliably detect underwater obstacles, shallows and various “in-water” targets including icebergs, floating containers, or other hazards up to 1000m ahead in real-time. This patented technology revolutionizes marine navigation. As missions often take military and government vessels into the littorals and to challenging, austere ports. The information our systems provide gives the crew an understanding of what lies ahead to keep their vessels and crew safe.

Local History Mapping™: store data for later use

On some missions, ships will be tasked to collect data in areas of concern particularly after storms when bottoms can shift and debris is inevitable. The FarSounder system has a feature called Local History Mapping™ that can store the data for later use.

Support for questions, requirements, and drawings

FarSounder has worked closely with shipyards around the globe to equip refits and new builds with our innovative sonar systems. With certified FarSounder Dealers located around the world, service and support are not far away. FarSounder’s sales and engineering teams are also available to answer your questions, discuss your application requirements, or review drawings as well.