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Taking the passenger experience to the next level

The technology behind extraordinary itineraries

As cruise companies answer the call to visit new destinations in remote and uncharted corners of the world, our Argos sonars can detect obstacles in the water column and shallow bottoms out to 1000 meters in front of the vessel in 3D and in real-time. This is why these navigational sonars are known as the technology behind extraordinary itineraries. The technology offers the cruise ships plenty of time to make corrections in their course to avoid dangers such as icebergs and shoals. This is the leading navigation tool guiding cruise ships to those out-of-the-way places that their guests demand.

Going above and beyond for passenger and vessel safety

A large number of cruise companies choose the Argos 1000 as part of their navigation toolbox. The Argos 1000 is the most powerful system in the collection detecting hazards out to 1000 meters. That is why this model is the top choice in the series for cruise lines choosing to implore technology over and above what regulations require to keep their passengers and vessel safe.

Service and support nearly everywhere you go

FarSounder has worked closely with shipyards that specialize in cruise ship new build and refit over the years. The easy to install sonars have been installed around the globe on many cruise ship designs. With certified FarSounder Dealers located around the world, nearly wherever you go, you can receive service and support if any challenges arise. FarSounder’s sales and engineering teams are available to answer your questions, discuss your application requirements, or review drawings as well.