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Pic1THE COMPANY: Since 2001, FarSounder has been perfecting a sonar that could show mariners where the water is safe to navigate. Their innovative 3D FLS, built in house from the ground up, now allows vessels to look ahead and navigate with confidence. Radar, depth sounders, ECDIS, and electronics charts with GPS are missing an important piece of information: What is under the water in front of my ship right now?

E-navigation and advanced radar gain momentum on the bridge

Passenger Ship Technology

Passenger Ship Technology


Martyn Wingrove

Wärtsilä, Sperry Marine and Raytheon Anschütz have advanced their bridge technology, while passenger ship operators can add extras such as FarSounder’s echosounder or ChartCo’s ECDIS overlays...

...Farsounder’s forward looking sonar can be included in integrated bridge systems. It enables navigators to see what is in front of them underwater in 3D and in real-time. Farsounder’s technology can reach up to 1,000 m in front of the ship and can detect icebergs, reefs, shipping containers, large whales and other navigation obstructions.

Anything 2D Forward Looking Sonars can do, 3D can do better?

Superyacht Technology Digital Magazine

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We pit 2D against 3D to understand what we can expect from different Forward Looking Sonars

With more and more exploration yachts choosing to operate in challenging environments, the risk of collision with poorly charted obstacles, wrongly placed obstacles (due to GPS malfunctions), or transient obstacles such as ice and submerged shipping containers, increases significantly. Groundings with large underwater structures such as rocks, reefs, sandbanks and shoals are unfortunately significant risks. And the annual costs of groundings and collisions run up into the billions every year.

Changes to Data Sourcing in Modern Times

Hydro International

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The New Data Paradigm


Marianne Molchan

Seaports, waterways and climate are inextricably linked. Weather anomalies change bottom contours and destroy aids to navigation compromising safety. In the past decade, maritime applications, maturingFinal Figure 1 marine technologies and crowdsourcing have given mariners access to near-real-time hydrographic data.

The Sea Less Travelled

The Crew Report

The Crew Report cover- Issue 80


Marianne Molchan

With more superyachts cruising atypical waters, the dangers presented by insufficient chart data are increasing. Marianne Molchan, president of Molchan Marine Sciences, looks at the role of forward-looking sonar and how it could be a game changer for the adventurous owner-captain team.

Square Masted Yacht

Work locally, succeed globally

Providence Business News

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Cheryl M. Zimmerman

ANYONE who knows us has heard my mantra of "stay focused on our company goals." From the beginning, our goal has been to see our Rhode Island-made navigation sonars become the internationally recognized safety tool for ships navigating on all the world's oceans and inland waterways.One Last Thing_PBN Article

Seeing into the Future

i3 Magazine


As published in i3 Magazine

seeing into the future - 3d sonar with chart overlay

Getting real-time data for an extended range of up to 1,000 meters in front of a vessel is now possible with a new type of 3D forward-looking sonar. The ranges of previous sonars were much shorter. That additional distance translates into extra reaction time - a critical advantage in today’s congested shipping lanes.

Software Advances in Forward-Looking Sonar

Sea Technology


Cheryl M. Zimmerman • Matthew J. Zimmerman • Paul Elgar

Situational awareness is key for safe navigation. As more and more vessels operate in challenging environments, the risk of allusions with uncharted or wrongly placed obstacles and collisions with transient obstacles (such as ice and submerged shipping containers) increases significantly. Groundings on large underwater structures such as rocks, reefs, sandbanks and shoals are unfortunately significant risks for the mariner.

FarSounder receives national SBA Tibbetts Award for innovation

Providence Business News


Lori Stabile

WARWICK – FarSounder Inc. has received a 2015 Tibbetts Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The high-tech marine electronics manufacturer was among 23 small businesses and six individuals and three supporting organizations recognized for their “exemplary roles” in the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs, according to a news release from the SBA.

High-Tech Small Businesses to Receive Tibbetts Awards for Innovative and Outstanding Contributions

US Small Business Administration



WASHINGTON – The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is proud to announce the 2015 Tibbetts Awards to 23 small businesses, six individuals, and - for the first time - three supporting organizations for their exemplary roles in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. 

FarSounder adds US security firm to dealership team Logo

A Washington based security consulting firm, which has advised US Congress and fitted US airports with high level security, has joined the FarSounder dealership team. 

New Age Security Solutions (NASS), established shortly after 9/11 to meet the new needs of global security, has entered into the field of underwater security recently and will be progressing this work under the FarSounder partnership.