Detailed Description

SonaSoft in Standby ModeFarSounder is pleased to announce the release of SonaSoft™ version 3.12. This is a maintenance upgrade to the software which powers all of FarSounder's navigation sonars and is the second release under the newly rebranded Argos series.

New in this release:

Standby Mode

Standby mode keeps the system active, but uses a blank ping that does not transmit a signal. This is useful for situations where the vessel is in the water, but the sonar is not needed (at a dock for example). 

Check it out in: Processor Settings > Range menu > Standby

Improved signal analyzer

The signal analyzer has been updated to more accurately reflect the signal quality in scenarios with wakes or other large bubble fields. Much like the signal meter on a cell phone, the signal quality meter in SonaSoft™ lets the user know how well the sonar can perform in the current underwater environment.

Other recent updates

If it has been a while since you last updated, here are some highlights of the other recent user facing improvements we have made to the system:

  • SonaSoft™ 3.11 added a short introductory video that covers the basics of the FarSounder system as well as a way to receive complimentary remote end user training with one of FarSounder's engineers.

  • SonaSoft™ 3.10 added a faster refresh rate (up to ~3Hz in 100m range mode) as well as a wider 120 degree field of view for the 100m and 200m range modes.

We recommend that all users take advantage of this upgrade opportunity to significantly enhance their FarSounder experience.

Products Affected

  • Current: Argos 350, Argos 500, and Argos 1000 sonars
    • Note: Argos 500 and Argos 1000 are formerly known as the FarSounder-500 and FarSounder-1000
  • Legacy: FS-3DT sonars

Computer Requirements

The new features are computationally intensive and stringent computer specifications are required in order to maintain a fast update rate. The recommended computer specifications for our Argos 350, Argos 500, and Argos 1000 sonars are posted on our web site. Running this software update on lesser powered computers may result in slow update rates.

IMPORTANT: This release requires Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (US Version). Customers running Windows 7 will need to upgrade their operating system first.

Legacy FS-3DT sonars are less powerful and the update may be able to run on your existing computer. Please contact FarSounder at for details.

NMEA Requirements

Additionally, in order to take full advantage of this update the following vessel navigation sensors inputs are required via NMEA:

  • True Heading @ 1Hz minimum (gyro or gps compass)
  • Rate of Turn @ 10Hz minimum (gyro or gps compass)
  • Speed Over Ground @ 1Hz minimum (gps)
  • Position @ 1Hz minimum (gps)
  • Course @ 1Hz minimum (gps)
  • Depth Below Vessel @ 1Hz minimum (echosounder)

How to Receive Service

This standard upgrade is complimentary. If you only need the software update, please fill out our software update request form.

We have also created a guide to walk through each step of the software installation.

If you would like to purchase a C-Map dongle and register for a complimentary 3 month chart data trial license, please contact us directly at for details.

New Training Video Available

FarSounder has recently released an introductory training video to help both new and existing users to get the most out their systems.