Detailed Description

sonasoft with wide field of view

FarSounder is pleased to announce the release of SonaSoft™ version 3.11. This is a maintenance upgrade to the software which powers all of FarSounder's navigation sonars and is the second release under the newly rebranded Argos series.

This upgrade includes significant processing, user interface, and display enhancements. In addition, this release adds more options for end user training, check it out in: SonaSoft™ -> Settings -> Help. 

In case you are upgrading from a pre-3.10 version of SonaSoft™, here are some of the features added in the previous release:

  • Faster Refresh Rate
    This release increases the ping rate of all Argos series sonars resulting in a higher refresh rate for the entire display. The new update rate depends on the range at which you are operating. The fastest rate, at 100m operating range, is now ~ 3 Hz, up from ~0.6 Hz in the previous versions.
  • Wide Field of View
    The Field-of-View of Argos 500 and Argos 1000 sonars has increased from 90 degrees to 120 degrees in 100m and 200m range modes. Thus providing you increased situational awareness.
  • And More!
    This release brings a host of internal and tooling updates that translate into a more robust and overall higher performing system. Also, you'll find a number of smaller tweaks to the interface that should make your FarSounder experience more enjoyable, including more advanced drawing of your Local History Mapping data and easier access to the S-57/63 chart data importing tool.

We recommend that all users take advantage of this upgrade opportunity to significantly enhance their FarSounder experience.

Products Affected

  • Current: Argos 500 and Argos 1000 sonars (formerly known as the FarSounder-500 and FarSounder-1000)
  • Legacy: FS-3DT sonars

Computer Requirements

The new features are computationally intensive and stringent computer specifications are required in order to maintain a fast update rate. The recommended computer specifications for our Argos 500 and Argos 1000 sonars are posted on our web site. Running this software update on lesser powered computers may result in slow update rates.

Legacy FS-3DT sonars are less powerful and the update may be able to run on your existing computer. Please contact FarSounder at for details.

NMEA Requirements

Additionally, in order to take full advantage of this update the following vessel navigation sensors inputs are required via NMEA:

  • True Heading @ 1Hz minimum (gyro or gps compass)
  • Rate of Turn @ 10Hz minimum (gyro or gps compass)
  • Speed Over Ground @ 1Hz minimum (gps)
  • Position @ 1Hz minimum (gps)
  • Course @ 1Hz minimum (gps)
  • Depth Below Vessel @ 1Hz minimum (echosounder)

How to Receive Service

This standard upgrade is complimentary. If you only need the software update, please fill out our software update request form.

If you would like to purchase a C-Map dongle and register for a complimentary 3 month chart data trial license, please contact us directly at for details.

New Training Video Available!

FarSounder has recently released an introductory training video to help both new and existing users to get the most out their systems.