Geo Marine Technology Limited has recently sold two FarSounder 3D sonar systems to China MSA. One each to Shanghai MSA and one to Guangzhou MSA. China MSA, an agency of the Chinese government, exercises the administration of shipping safety, prevention of pollution from ships, inspection of survey of ships and offshore units as well as navigation services. China MSA is responsible for the administration and management of coastal aids to navigation in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Geo Marine Technology is based in Hong Kong and has an affiliate, Shanghai Geo Marine Instruments Limited, in Shanghai as well as an office in Shenzhen. The company has a professional team working on bringing new technologies to their existing customer base as well as to new market sectors. Their end-users and clients are from different fields, from private companies and governmental departments such as maritime safety administrations, oceanic research institutes, petroleum exploration, mineral and metal exploration, water resources, telecommunications, seismology, electric/hydro-power, shipbuilding, dredging companies and military units both in Hong Kong and China.