Steven Becker and Chuck Benton with Cathy Dee
A Story Featuring the Most Advanced Marine Technology including FarSounder FLS for Solving Crime


Set in FarSounder's backyard, Author, Chuck Benton a user of high-tech marine technology and well-versed in FarSounder systems, engulfs the reader in the technology side of crime-solving and the interesting capabilities of FarSounder navigation sonar systems throughout the book. 

Amazon Summary of Novel:  Blackmail on the High Seas

Kendra Hale and Ian Starbuck, agents for the FBI’s Special Projects Group and fresh from their recent case solving a string of murders on the Maine coast, are tasked with stopping a group of wreckers, modern-day criminal counterparts of 19th-century marine salvors. Technology is their weapon of choice and blackmail is the payoff. Can the duo stop a plot to destroy an iconic harbor on the New England coast?

Cape Cod Enigma

Amazon Biography: Chuck Benton's been messing around in boats since childhood. He originally trained as a commercial aircraft pilot but found tinkering with technology to be more fun. After developing numerous computer games, he was drafted by DARPA and led a small software/systems research and development company for decades. His designs found homes on SpecOps boats, undersea, even in the telephone networks used today. Picking up his USCG Masters license, he's spent summers skippering a schooner in Maine. More recently, he can be found playing music around New England in a variety of bands. He enjoys twisting his real-life experiences and overactive imagination into the fun stories you'll find in this series.