FarSounder, Inc., a provider of innovative 3D Forward Looking Marine Sonar Systems, has announced the signing of a contract with Royal Dockyard Limited (DML) Company Group to supply it's FS-3DT navigation and obstacle avoidance sonar system on the 77-meter (253-foot), five-decked superyacht code named Project Lana during its final stage of construction.
"We are working closely with both the Project Lana staff and Devonport Royal Shipyards to integrate our advanced FS-3DT sonar system into this magnificent yacht," Chief Executive Officer Cheryl M. Zimmerman said. "This is a great foray into the superyacht market, and we are pleased to have both the project owners and design team recognize the revolution that this sonar makes to the entire world of navigation."
"Project Lana is a superb example of a world class vessel that is being outfitted with the finest equipment," said Captain Ian Robertson. "The FarSounder sonar will offer Lana's owners and their guests an added measure of safety, and will be a welcome navigation tool for the crew".
Used for obstacle avoidance and shallow water navigation, FarSounder FS-3 sonars are capable of generating a complete 3-dimensional image of the sea floor and in-water objects at navigationally significant ranges with a single ping. The small, lightweight sonar can be installed on new-builds or retrofitted into existing vessels.
This new sonar technology revolutionizes marine navigation, especially in shallow areas. These systems overcome the traditional shallow water sonar limitations including multi-path and visualization of a clear, easy to understand 3D sonar image. The standard user interface software includes automated alarms, BSB chart plotting capabilities, and GPS, compass, and depth sounder display capabilities.
FarSounder will be exhibiting at the 2004 International Workboat Show in New Orleans, Louisiana from December 1-3, 2004.