FarSounder Extended Range Sonar

FarSounder Announces the Introduction of the FS-3ER Extended Range 3D Forward Looking Sonar

FarSounder is pleased to introduce another milestone in 3D Forward Looking Sonar technology with the FS-3ER Extended Range. The FS-3ER will have a range of  800 – 1,000m with an operational speed of up to 25 knots.

“FarSounder has always planned to develop a product suitable for larger and more commercial vessels” says Ian Bowles, VP Sales & Marketing, commenting on the introduction. “While breaking the one nautical mile barrier is still the challenge, we know that many operators will now see the FS-3ER as a realistic navigation tool for their vessels" continues Bowles.  

The FS-3ER will also be available with network capability as well as in the company's recently introduced Bistatic design.

Used on commercial and private ships for obstacle avoidance and shallow water navigation, FarSounder FS-3 sonars with patented technology, are capable of generating a complete 3 Dimensional image of the sea floor and in-water objects at navigationally significant ranges with a single ping. With a 60º to 90º  Field of View, underwater obstacles and various "in water" targets such as whales, floating containers or other similar hazards are easily detected, and shown on a unique 3 Dimensional display. This same technology is easily adaptable to a range of other underwater security applications such as vessel or port perimeter surveillance, diver detection and ROV/AUVs.

About FarSounder:

FarSounder is a US based high technology marine electronics manufacturer specializing in underwater acoustics. With unique patented technology, the Company has a global customer base of commercial, government and private sector users served by over 40 sales and service partners around the world.