FarSounder Appoints TOYO Corporation as Exclusive Distributor for Japan

FarSounder announced today that it has appointed TOYO Corporation as the exclusive distributor of FarSounder products in Japan. TOYO Corporation is a publicly held company specializing in advanced measurement technologies. In addition to the marine electronics industry where FarSounder's products will be marketed, other areas they cover include network communication, automobile, medical imaging and nano-technology markets. TOYO is a unique company specializing in sales and distribution of advanced electronic measuring systems imported from U.S. and European countries as well as producing and exporting their own original and value added electronic measuring systems.

TOYO representative Mr. Shunichi Fujishima recently visited with FarSounder staff for both sales and marketing meetings and participation in the FarSounder Certified Technical Program. FarSounder sales materials have been translated into Japanese. FarSounder personnel will join TOYO Corporation in Kobe, Japan for the 2007 TECHNO-OCEAN Conference.

" All of TOYO's sales staff and support engineers have the engineering technical background allowing them to successfully market and support our advanced sonar products," FarSounder CEO, Cheryl M. Zimmerman stated. "We are confident that Mr. Fujishima and TOYO will swiftly capture the Japanese markets for us while providing their customers with the service that we expect from our distributors."