FarSounder Announces Successful Diver Localization Trials

FarSounder Announces Successful Diver Localization Trials

Professional DiverFarSounder is pleased to announce a successful demonstration of its Diver Localization Sonar to the US Navy. Conducted in early February off Rhode Island's Davisville Piers, in shallow murky waters, the trials centered around not just the company's diver detection capabilities, but also the increasingly important requirement for diver localization.

“FarSounder is a market leader in 3D Forward Looking Sonar for navigation, and it was a natural step to adapt this unique technology to meet other industry needs,” says Cheryl Zimmerman, CEO. “ We have been very cognizant of our diver detection capabilities over the years and being able to combine this with diver localization brings situational awareness to a whole new level,” Zimmerman adds.

Led by FarSounder's engineering team and working with a local professional diver, it was demonstrated how quickly and efficiently the equipment could be deployed and operated. In Divershallow waters, the diver localization was proven to significant ranges, significantly more than the guests' expectations.

Traditionally used on commercial and private ships for obstacle avoidance and shallow water navigation, FarSounder FS-3 sonars with patented technology are capable of generating a complete 3 Dimensional image of the sea floor and in-water objects at navigationally significant ranges with a single ping. With a 60º to 90º  Field of View, underwater obstacles and various "in water" targets such as whales, floating containers or other similar hazards are easily detected and shown on a unique 3 Dimensional display. This same technology is easily adaptable to a range of other underwater security applications such as vessel or port perimeter surveillance, diver detection and ROV/AUVs.

About FarSounder:
FarSounder is a US based high technology marine electronics manufacturer specializing in underwater acoustics. With unique patented technology, the Company has a global customer base of commercial, government and private sector users served by over 40 sales and service partners around the world.