Software Update Request

We are pleased to offer our FarSounder-500 and FarSounder-1000 customers a free update to the SonaSoft 3.X series software. SonaSoft 3.8 is available today.

Each software installation package is customized for each vessel with Transducer Module calibration files and vessel size characteristics. In order to process the upgrade request, please provide the information below. 

We take your privacy seriously and will not share your contact information except where required by law.

Vessel Characteristics

Please provide fully laden draft.

FLS Details

The Transducer Module offset is the VERTICAL distance from the keel to the center of the Transducer Module's array face.
Please select the offset direction. Most vessels have the Transducer Module installed above the keel. However, if the sonar is installed on a hoist, the Transducer Module is usually below the keel when the hoist is deployed.

GPS Details

If the GPS system produces a virtual antenna location, please use the virtual position rather than the actual antenna position.
Some GPS systems produce a virtual antenna location. This is usually the case if more than one antenna is used and the system. If you're ship uses a virtual antenna position, this is the position needed for FarSounder's configuration.

Depthsounder Details

Please enter the vertical displacement between the Depthsounder and the keel.