Cruising in the Atchafalaya River near Morgan City, LA

This image was made from a screen shot from an FS-3DT sonar while the vessel was cruising in the Atchafalaya River near Morgan City, Lousiana. The top portion of the image is the realtime 3D sonar display. In this example, color is mapped to depth where "Red" is shallow and "Blue" is deep as set by the color bar on the right. The sonar is set to 440 meters (1440 ft) x 60° processing mode and the 3D information is displayed in a top down, orthographic projection (i.e. "View=Standard" in the user software). The bottom portion of the image is an aerial picture of the river taken from FarSounder's user interface software's chart display. Note that in this image, the chart display was repositioned to fit in the graphic easier. Notice the vessel icon at the top left of the chart display showing the vessel's location and orientation when this 3D sonar image was generated. The 3D sonar display clearly shows the edge of the river as the red "stripe" of returns along the port side of the display from 110 to about 180 meters range (beyond this range, the river turns sharply to port and cannot be seen by the sonar). At long range, directly ahead of the vessel, the sonar is picking up returns from the far river bed seen in the aerial photography. The soft river bed is mapped well beyond the 8 water depth specification of the sonar.

Note: The FS-3DT has since been replaced by the FarSounder-500 which features longer range performance, redesigned electronics, and better software all in the same form factor.