FarSounder-1000 Navigation Sonar

FarSounder-1000 Sonar System Hardware

The FarSounder-1000 is FarSounder's flagship navigation sonar. It offers users 3D forward looking navigation information out to 1/2 nautical mile (1000 meters) ahead of the vessel.

Extended Range Capabilities

FarSounder's latest navigation product offers the user the ability to select between a wide field-of-view or an extended range mode. The system can operate with a 90° field-of-view out to 1500' (500 meters) range or a 60° field-of-view out to 3000' (1000 meters) range.

System Components

The FarSounder-1000 system includes:

  • Rugged stainless steel Transducer Module with underwater wet matable connector
  • Power Module in rack-mountable chassis
  • Waterproof connection cable
  • SonaSoft user interface software
  • Marinized bridge computer

Transducer Elements

The Transducer Module's array face is curved in the horizontal and includes nearly 200 receivers and a separate transmitter. The array is encapsulated in a rugged urethane designed to provide years of protection to the transducer elements. Above and below the urethane are thin steel plates to provide added protection from debris and the anchor chain.

The FarSounder-1000 is available in two different Transducer Module options. The SH5 Transducer Module has a curved face. The SH6 Transducer Module has a flat face.

SH5 Transducer Module SH6 Transducer Module


Typical installation of the FarSounder-1000 includes integrating a Transducer Module fairing into the hull and mounting the Power Module inside the vessel. Check out our installation gallery for examples of installations on various hull types. FarSounder provides complimentary engineering support with advice on hull integration designs and drawing review services. Contact our engineering staff to request a copy of our Installation Design Guide.