Sneak Preview: FarSounder's Next Generation Navigation Sonars


Coming this fall, FarSounder will be releasing its next generation of navigation sonar technology. We're really excited about the capabilities we are about to unlock and want to share some of the excitement with this early sneak preview. A few of the new features we're going to release include:

  • Longer detection ranges

  • In-water target tracking for improved image stability

  • Chart overlay of sonar targets


Over the past few years, the FarSounder team has been developing the next generation of its navigation sonars. These improvements include both a complete redesign of the Transducer Module electronics and cutting edge sonar signal processing. Since January 2012, all of the Transducer Modules we've shipped have had our newest generation of electronics inside and are eligible for a free software upgrade to the upcoming capabilities once the new products are released.


The official announcement of our next generation sonars will be at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show. All new orders shipped between now and the official release will receive a free software upgrade enabling all the new features. Place your order now to ensure that you are one of the first to take advantage of these new capabilities.