Integrated Ship Protection System Sale

FarSounder has recently sold an FS-SPS Ship Protection System to a European customer. For this yacht customer, FarSounder will be providing navigation while underway, diver detection while at anchor, and outputting information into a 3rd party command and control security platform.

FarSounder is also providing a full user interface for controlling, configuring, and analyzing the diver detection capabilities of the system. The user interface includes target track information as an overlay on top of nautical charts. It also includes a water fall display for aiding in human verification of track data.

“The smooth process of integrating the sensors into the hull of this yacht once again demonstrates the value of FarSounder's fixed sensor solution”, said company Vice President of Engineering, Matthew Zimmerman.

About FarSounder's Security Systems: The FarSounder FS-SPS Ship protection System continues to be a favorite for those private yacht owners who demand the best solutions for assuring the safety of their family and guests while onboard their home away from home. The system provides detection, classification and alarms of underwater threats. FarSounder engineers help their customers design an appropriate system for each vessel and to meet customers' individual needs. Shore based systems are also available for home based ports of call.