The World Leads the Way

Owners and guests aboard The World will be traveling through the Northwest Passage in summer, 2012. The World's owners and professional staff have made a sound safety decision to upgrade their FS-3DT system to the newest FarSounder FS-3ER 1/2 nm navigation and obstacle avoidance system. This challenging voyage includes navigating through ice and avoiding large marine mammals.

While winding their way through the Canadian Arctic Archipelego and east to the Labrador Sea, they will have the added security of knowing the ship's crew will be seeing ahead not just by radar above the water, but with FarSounder's forward looking sonar system showing the way below the water.

This will be the first upgrade to an FS-3ER performed without first dry-docking the vessel. The World will be utilizing a team of commercial divers while the cruiseship remains in the water. Stay tuned to the FarSounder website in 2012 for pictures and videos of this installation.

About FarSounder

FarSounder is a US based high technology marine electronics manufacturer specializing in underwater acoustics. With unique patented technology, the Company has a global customer base of commercial, government and private sector users served by over 50 sales and service partners around the world. The Company is the recognized leader in realtime 3D sonar systems and has been selling its flagship navigation and obstacle avoidance systems since 2004. FarSounder has recently expanded its product line with its Ship Protection System  following years of IR&D and US government funded research. 

About The World

Launched in 2002, The World, at 644 feet, is the largest privately owned, residential yacht on earth with 165 luxury Residences. A diverse group of Residents from 19 countries own the homes onboard and share interests in world cultures, history and adventure, and exploring fascinating destinations. Since its launch, The World has continuously circumnavigated the globe every two to three years following an extraordinary itinerary that the residents select. In-depth expeditions and one-of-a-kind experiences are complemented by world-class amenities and impeccable service.