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FarSounder, Inc., a provider of 3D Forward Looking Marine Sonar Systems, signed a contract with New World Ship Management to supply navigation and obstacle avoidance sonar systems on the 340 ft., 128-passenger Clipper Odyssey and the 330 ft., 122-passenger Clipper Adventure.

FS-3 featured in The Yacht Report, Marine News, Ocean News and Technology, and Maritime Security Source Book

Marine News

More Press Coverage for FarSounder's FLS and OAS Products

FarSounder's FS-3 and FS-3DT sonars continue to receive press coverage. Most recently, the products have been featured in industry journals The Yacht Report (January/February, 2004: page 29), Marine News (March, 2004: page 33), Ocean News and Technology (January/February, 2004: page 14), and Maritime Security Source Book (February, 2004: page 22).

Full text from the the Marine News article is as follows:

FarSounder, URI researcher develop first sonar for marine navigation, obstacle avoidance

EurekAlert!/AAAS Science News

Device can save industry $2 to $3 billion in annual damages from collisions

KINGSTON, R.I. -- January 6, 2004 -- FarSounder, Inc. and a University of Rhode Island researcher have begun commercial production of the FS-3, the first 3-dimensional, forward-looking sonar designed as an aid to marine navigation.

The sea in 3-D

Mass High Tech Journal

A sonar-type device was invented in 1906, six years before the sinking of the Titanic, to detect icebergs, but it was a passive listening device that did not send out signals and could not have saved the Titanic from its massive collision with an iceberg.