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The new 1000 is FarSounder's flagship navigation sonar, which offers users 3D forward looking navigation out to 1/2 nautical mile (900-metres) ahead of the vessel, while the 500 gives navigation information out to over 1/4 nautical mile (500-meters). Another advantage of the 1000 is the ability to select between a wide field-of-view or an extended range mode. The system can operate with a 90º field-of-view out to 500-metres range or a 60º field-of-view out to 1000-metres range.

Underwater vision

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On midnight on March 24, 1989 the United States suffered the second worst oil spill in U.S. History. That was when the Exxon Valdez hit ground while navigating through very shallow waters. In addition to the Exxon Valdez and more local oil spills and cruise ship groundings, there was an epidemic of Atlantic Right Whales and other marine mammals being hit and killed by vessels. It was obvious that a new generation of navigation tools was needed and in 2001, Rhode Island based company FarSounder was born.

Whitehouse sees potential of 3D sonar creating jobs, helping RI fishery

Warwick Beacon

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John I. Howell, Jr.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse wore an incredulous look.

He’s a sailor. He knows that a depth sounder lets you know how deep the water is and he knows how useless that information can be once you’ve hit a rock.

But last Wednesday, he was being shown a device that not only informs mariners what’s ahead under water, but what it might be.

Whitehouse was intrigued.

Constellation Energy to Supply Renewable Energy Certificates to Rhode Island Manufacturers and Award Winners at Annual Gala

Business Wire

BALTIMORE--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Rhode Island State House goes green on Saturday, Nov. 5 for the second year at the Rhode Island Manufacturers Association's (RIMA) 10th annual fundraising gala, A Golden Moment for Rhode Island Manufacturing. The gala will showcase the many success stories that local manufacturers have to tell, despite the challenging economic climate.

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Underwater Security From Farsounder


 Roger Marshall

Security below the waterline gets a boost from FarSounder. The Rhode Island company, known for its forward-looking sonar, has developed a swimmer detection system for large yachts. The system uses five or more transducer modules located in strategic positions around the yacht so the beams slightly overlap. 

R.I. businesses talk strategy to compete globally

The Providence Journal

Kate Bramson, Journal Staff Writer

Chris Ash of Sandstrom Carbide told U.S. Sen. Jack Reed Monday morning that shortly after he and his father redesigned their Warwick company’s website, “one day, I got a call from Siberia.”

Now, the company that specializes in machine products and components is examining whether it can create a part that the Russian businessman believes has the potential to be used in machines all over the world, Ash told Reed at a roundtable of business leaders and Bryant University officials.

Embracing New Technology

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The grounding of the tug Pathfinder on 23rd December 2009 was nothing really momentous in the great scheme of maritime casualties that happen regularly and continually on a global basis. No, what made this incident particularly newsworthy was the location, Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska. The same spot where the Exxon Valdez came to grief over 20 years ago.

Where innovative concepts first see the light of day

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Financial Times

Superyachting often pioneers systems that then filter down to everyday use


Michael Howorth

Superyachting is to sailing what Grand Prix Formula One is to motoring. It is at the top end of each activity that technology is pioneered and then filters down to everyday use...Devices that show underwater obstacles in 3D are useful when trying to pass through a reef or find a spot to anchor.


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Das Forward Looking 3D Sonar System (FS-3 DT)

VEINLAND | ”Das Forward Looking 3D Sonar System (FS-3 DT)” mit Dual Transmission™ Technologie kann als Teil der Navigationsausrüstung von Schiffen zur Erhöhung der Sicherheit im Seeverkehr beitragen. Eingebaut im Bug eines Schiffes dient es dabei u.a. zur Erkennung von Hindernissen unterhalb der Wasseroberfläche. Vertriebs- und Servicepartner der vorausschauenden 3DSonar Systeme in Deutschland ist die Veinland GmbH, Seddiner See/Neuseddin.

Avoid rock, bottom

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FarSounder's sonar detects lurking navigation hazards


Michael Crowley

Going bump in the night is never fun. Though that’s what a lot of fishing boats do when they make the run up Alaska’s Inside Passage. It’s especially true in early spring when the rivers are running high, pulling logs off the banks and then dumping them into the narrow waterways lying between the shores of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska and the bordering coastal islands.